Aryn & Adrian // Married


Wow where to start? Roya is absolutely the best! She made my husband and I so comfortable in our engagement and wedding shoots. She is SO creative and takes the most beautiful pictures. She had great ideas for where to take our engagement pictures and we got so many compliments on them! After it rained pretty much the entire week leading up to and the day of our wedding, I got nervous that we wouldn’t be able to get some of the outside shots of our venue that I wanted. But Roya figured it out! The previews she sent a couple days after were beautiful! Y’all need to book her now!

Lens Series // Canon 50mm 1.2 Review

Over the next few weeks I am going to do a short series on my blog on the lenses I use during a wedding day. For each post in this series, I will talk about one lens -- what it's strengths are and when I pull it out of my bag during the wedding day. Throughout each post I will also share images taken with each specific lens.

Keep in mind throughout this series that I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark III that has a full-frame sensor. So the images I shoot with my lenses are true to their focal lengths. If you shoot with a Canon 7D, 50D, Rebel or any other camera that has a crop sensor, what you see when you look through your viewfinder with these lenses will appear more zoomed in than what I get using a 5D Mark III. Just something to keep in mind. If this makes no sense to you, check out this video on You Tube that gives you a great visual comparison.

Today I'm going to start with the Canon 50mm 1.2 lens. This is my most versatile lens. If I had to pick only one lens to shoot an entire wedding with (which I'm glad I don't have to!), this would be it. I use it during every part of the wedding day -- preparation, portraits, ceremony and reception. I averaged out the images shot at my last two weddings, and 60% of them were taken with this lens.

This lens is super-high-quality. It's solid. It's ability to open up to an aperture of 1.2 makes it amazing in low-light situations and great for achieving a super-shallow depth of field.

Have you ever shot a in a super-dark indoor venue? Or a ceremony outdoors at sunset? This lens is a must-have for these situations. There is one venue in Atlanta where I've shot a number of times -- and while it's beautiful, it's dark.  So dark, that even when maxing out my camera settings, I am unable to use my Canon 70-200 2.8 lens (a go-to lens for indoor ceremonies) at f2.8. I still don't have enough light. I photographed Amber & Chris' wedding in Castle-berry Hill and shot the entire ceremony with my 50mm at f1.2. There was only one image during the ceremony, shot from the balcony, that I took using a different lens -- the Canon 24mm 1.4 lens at f1.4. Other than that, the entire ceremony was shot with my 50mm at 1.2. The images turned out beautifully and I use the photos from this wedding in one of two sample albums that I show prospective clients.

As I mentioned, I use this lens for everything. I shoot details with it throughout the entire day. (f2.0):