UGGHHHH, SO MANY WORDS. But for realz tho, this is a uber important page and I swear it's worth your while. Please take the time to review it. I try and tell you all the things, like what you're getting, how & when you're getting it and what to expect! Like I've said before I'm all about transparency and this FAQ page is a big part of that! 

Do you live in Los Angeles or Atlanta, I'm confused? 

I have a house in Atlanta that we rent out, I manage it and return to the east coast pretty frequently to stay on top of all those management things. My husband works in Los Angles full time, so we live in Pasadena and I travel all over California, Georgia and the world for weddings 😊

Do you travel? 

Ummm, yes. All the time. If you're interested in a destination wedding I'm V into it. You can even check out my BUCKET LIST to see if your dream wedding location is on the list. If it is I'LL WAIVE ALL TRAVEL FEES. That’s how much I love traveling. 

Delivery Time? 

I deliver wedding photos 4 weeks after your wedding date. The standard turn around time in the industry is 6-8 weeks. I work hard to make a speedy turnaround time a priority for my couples and I'm pretty dang proud of it. Besides no one likes waiting forever to get their wedding photos, I know I didn't.

Do we get all of our photos? 

Absolutely! The only photos I don't deliver are mid-blinking, blurry or unflattering photos that I know you won’t have any desire to print/have. My average delivery is 600-1,000 photos depending on how many hours of coverage you go with. But I don’t put a cap on how many photos I deliver, if there are good images on my camera you’re gonna get‘em 📸  It just depends on how long I’m hired for and how much goes on, on your wedding day.

How do you deliver photos? 

I deliver a private online gallery with full high-resolution photos. No watermarks or logos will be on the photos. You can send your photos to print directly from the gallery or download the entire gallery onto your computer. You can also save individual images to any smartphone and share them super easily 🖤

Do you have past reviews from other couples? 

I sure do! You can peep my reviews on Wedding Wire and The Knot!

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! I keep it simple with payment plans. You can pay however’s easiest. Weekly, monthly, all at the time of the booking... I wanna keep it easy peasy, lemon squeezy. 🍋

How do we book, and what's the process all about? 

I send you the contract and the package you decide to book via my invoicing program. It’s an online system where you can sign and pay all online at your convenience. It’s a $500.00 flat rate retainer fee for every package with the balance due 21 days before the day of the wedding. Easy Peasy.

Do we meet with clients before booking? 

If you’re into it I'm into it, but it's absolutely not necessary. It’s really up to you, I’ve booked clients at bars and coffee shops, through email only, facetime, skype, and phone calls. So, if one of those methods is your jam just let me know and we can make it happen. One of the big reasons why my website is so transparent is so you can know right away if we vibe. I think this really helps you know what to expect and gives a lot of my client's peace of mind when booking me online or over the phone :) I also meet couples for the first time at their engagement sessions! I keep in touch often throughout your wedding interim and I'm V easy to get ahold of through email or a phone call.

Are the costs on the pricing page the only ones available?

No way, those are just solid starting points for us to start a conversation. I‘ll always try and work with you and your budget and build something that works for all of us. Here are a couple budget-conscious options that help bring those costs down

1) Having a wedding on a Friday or Sunday.

2) Having a wedding during “off” season (which is December-February) OR

3) Your wedding is last minute and around the corner (within 3-6 months).

Payment options?

I accept credit cards, cold hard cash, checks, and Apple Pay.

Can we see a full gallery? 

Of course! When you inquire, I’ll be sure to send you some. I like to keep my couples galleries private to protect them but upon request, I can send a private link to a few full galleries of couples that like the extra attention.

Do you have insurance? 

Yes, I have a Business Owners Insurance policy that covers damages to the venue, injury, medical expenses, and liability! If your venue requires a copy just shoot me an email and I’ll send it!

Have you ever shot at our venue before? Does that make a difference?

I always show up to a wedding at least 30 minutes prior to our agreed upon time. I do this for a coupe reasons;

1. To ensure I'm never late

2. To scout out the venue and find all the best places to shoot! Even if I have shot at the venue before this is still super important because lighting always changes (with the time of day and the time of year).

we’re just not good at photos and posing is just so weird. How can you help? 

I got you. I'm all about making it natural, fun and easy. I try to create an environment where you would interact with each other and not try and pose for the camera! I usually get the best photos when you're not thinking about photos :)

Do you give out RAW images? 

No, but here's why. What you see on my website is the style and vibe I've worked hard to create and have built my business and brand around. This to some degree is what drew you to my photography. I edit every single image you receive. It's part of the look and feel of my work, as well as part of what you're paying for! I want my work to be consistent and to look the absolute best it can for every wedding I shoot. After all, you're hiring me for my expertise from photography to editing and I'm going to make sure you receive the very best!

Still have questions?

Don't be shy!