Niki & Matt I Married

Niki & Matt are two pretty amazing people, and i can’t believe i just got to photograph their incredible wedding day! so many smiles, amazing light, and one heck of a dance party – to say we had a good time would be an understatement!


Donna & Cody I Married

Donna & Cody’s wedding day at the lovely Rocky's Lake Estate, turned out to be a gorgeous March day, which was a huge relief because of all the rain storms we had been experiencing leading up to it!! but all those storms left us a beautiful scattered cloud sky – that sometimes gave us sunshine, and sometimes gave a shade. way to keep us on our toes Mother Nature! ;)

enjoy a few of my favorites from their sweet day! xo

Cynthia & Matt I Anniversary <3

I've photographed this woman more than any other person on the planet. She has been my muse throughout most of my photographic career.  So I just had to take her anniversary portraits when I went out to visit her in Sedona, AZ a couple weeks ago.  The three mile hike to a remote outcrop was totally worth it. OMGGGGGG


For me, Cuba has always had the allure a forbidden fruit. I love it for its uniqueness, creativity and survivalist spirit; but, above all, I love it because, despite 60 years of setbacks, it remains an upbeat and open place. Walk down the street with a Cuban friend and, within one block, you’ll have received five handshakes, four kisses, three greetings of ‘dime hermano!’ and at least two invites into someone’s house for a cafecito (or something stronger).

Bereft of modern interference, Cuba’s colonial cities haven’t changed much since musket-toting pirates stalked the Caribbean. The atmosphere and architecture is particularly stirring in Havana where grandiose squares and cobbled streets tell erstwhile tales of opulence and intrigue. Yet, despite pockets of preservation, many buildings still lie ruined like aging dowagers waiting for a facelift. With more funds, these heirlooms may yet rise again. Indeed, thanks to private investment, many of them have already been partially renovated, morphing into spectacular private home-stays or retro-themed restaurants proudly showing off their weighty historical heritage.

The vast majority of Cuba's tourists gravitate to the attractive arcs of white sand that pepper the country's north coast and offshore islands. But, explore beyond the beaches and you’re in a different domain, a land of fecund forests and crocodile-infested swamps, abandoned coffee plantations and rugged mountains as famous for their revolutionary folklore as their endemic species. Cuba, once observed German scientist Alexander von Humboldt, is a kind of Caribbean Galapagos where contradictory curiosities exist side by side. Get off the beaten path and seek them out.

Megan & Zac I Engaged

I just LOVED this Downtown Atlanta engagement session!!  The wonderfucll light, the repetiitive patterns and theses two awesome humans. SO PERFECT <3