First off, Tulum is awesome. Go there. We went in February and it was pretty touristy but that was offset by beautiful weather, delicious food and virtually no bugs.  We had an amazing trip and I recommend Tulum for lazy beach days (if loads of other people on that same beach doesn't bother you) delicious tacos and even some gourmet fare.  Let me preface this guide by letting you know that I'm not a relax on the beach type of vacationer; I'm a busy-body travel junkie that hates to stay in one place for too long and if my feet arn't aching by the end of the day I feel like I've wasted it. However, this Tulum trip was not a solo journey, there were four of us in total and we went for big drinks and tiny umbrellas, a tan and tacos.

The Logistics:

      We flew into the Cancun airport and then took the ADO bus from the airport to the town of Tulum. When you get out of the airport there is a overwhelming number of taxi drivers and private bus operators lying in wait to take you where you need to go. But these are expensive and only slightly easier than the ADO bus. The bus cost us 210 pesos (approximately $14) and took about two hours. The busses were modern, clean and comfortable; complete with Spanish language TV and bathrooms in the back. 

The Tulum Ruins 

The Tulum ruins or Zama, their ancient name, meaning ¨place of the dawning sun¨ were picture perfect !!  Although this was a relatively small archeological site its well worth a trip. We went as soon as it opened (8am) in order to avoid the crowds and tour busses. You can get through the entire site in about two hours at a leisurely pace and by the time we left there was an uncomfortable amour of people and tour groups. 

Templo Dios del Viento (God of Winds Temple) guarding Tulum's sea entrance bay


Muyil (also known as Chunyaxché) was one of the earliest and longest inhabited ancient Maya sites on the eastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. It is located approximately 9 miles south of the coastal site of Tulum,

We got a little board at the beach so we decided to spend some time at Muyil, Muyil a small archaeological site that is relatively close to Tulum, about a 20 min drive. We took a taxi there for 300 pesos ($20) each way and it was totally worth it. Muriel is not a big tourist destination so we pretty much had the whole pace to ourselves, which was amazing.  There is also a lagoon connected to the site by a small hike that looked pretty cool but we decided to head back to the beach instead. 

Chichen Itza

This day drip made my whole vacation in Mexico. This place is epic, the size and 

El Castillo