What I'm all about


I’m a full time photographer currently based out of Atlanta, Georgia. I love traveling, kayaking, climbing, hiking, camping, dogs, and pretty much anything that takes me outside.

I’ve been a photographer for about 14 years now and I’ve explored quite a few different paths in photography, but I’ve found that what makes my heart beat hardest is photographing love. There’s not much more rewarding or humbling than having the opportunity of creating something with you and your person on your best day.

I’m not about stiff awkward stagnant poses, because lets be real, those kinds of pictures suck to take. I’m about capturing the genuine, quirky, sarcastic, teasing, loving, soft, fun, and unique love that you have. All those factors together will show what your love is.

I wanna capture that real love stuff for you. The stuff that gives you butterflies, the ways they hold you to make you feel safe, the way your person looks at you that makes you think “yeah, that's why I love them.” I wanna get the big moments, the loud ones and the quiet ones, the in-betweens, the ones you don’t think anyone else is watching. I don’t want to be a story teller, I want to be a story listener. Tell me your story, and lets create something beautiful together.

Shoot me an email and lets set up an adventure! xx

To get in touch, email  royaannmiller@gmail.com  or feel free to call  626.789.4378.  Or check in on my infrequent ramblings on photography, adventure and travel by following me on twitter, or instagram.